Seamless Client Onboarding Trello Board

Crystal B. Cooper
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Having multiple clients come onboard to work with you can be overwhelming; especially if you're a Coach, Consultant, or Virtual Professional out here in these internet streets. 

That's why we we’ve launched the Onboard with Ease Trello Board.

Get all your Clients info stored in 1 place eliminating the back and forth email, the redundant phone calls, and the long daunting text.

In this Trello Board, we made it possible to duplicate this board automatically with Zapier Integration Instructions, Google Folder instructions for your client, and other essential key components that is going to save you literally 75% of your time. 

In fact, after using we'll be expecting a TIP from you'll definitely be one organized person!  

You're quite welcome friend, now come on in for this win! 

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  • The ONLY Trello Board You'll Need

  • Trello Board
  • Integration Instructions
  • Client Goggle Folder Instructions
    Worth the Price in Itself
  • The ONLY Trello Board You'll Need
  • Trello BoardPriceless
  • Integration InstructionsPriceless
  • Client Goggle Folder InstructionsWorth the Price in Itself
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Seamless Client Onboarding Trello Board

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